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Blogging for Thought Leadership – Part 1: Why & How

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One of our company’s business goals in 2008 was to promote thought leadership occurring within our organization. To meet this goal, we decided to try it out with one practice area. The User Experience group took on the challenge and decided to launch a blog. This article is the first of two in which we’ll discuss why we chose to publish a blog generic

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india and how we went about it.

Why We Chose a Blog to Promote Thought Leadership
At Evantage, we specialize in solving complex business problems. This requires that we come up with novel solutions to issues, and we wanted to both promote ourselves as well as share our expertise with the user experience community. As a group we talked about the best way to do this and concluded that a blog would be the way to go.

We decided we would use the blog to discuss ideas and opinions about various issues that impact us and the user experience practice. We defined two audiences of the blog; the primary audience would be the user experience community and the secondary audience would be our clients.

In order to determine if the blog was effective, we decided to publish the blog for six months and then do a formal case study to evaluate how successful it was. We defined success criteria and the metrics we’d track to determine that success. The objectives of this evaluation would be:

  • To evaluate whether blogging is an effective medium for promoting thought leadership
  • To evaluate whether the level of effort to adequately maintain and support a blog is worth the benefits that thought leadership brings to our company
  • To increase the quantity and quality of creative dialogue among consultants and the user experience community
  • To inspire consultants to take an active role in promoting their practice area.

How We Implemented Our Blog
We took the following steps to create our blog:

  1. Decided on a name: We decided blog would be called the Evantage User Experience Blog.
  2. Decided how users would get to the site: The blog would be linked from the Evantage site.
  3. Identified & customized a tool to use to post blogs: We identified blogger as the tool to use to create the blog since several members of the team were familiar with this tool.
  4. Identified metrics to be tracked using Google Analytics.
  5. Created guidelines on how to respond to negative feedback.
  6. Decided that the blog should go live with at least 2 posts.
  7. Decided how we would market the blog:
    o Use Twitter and Facebook to talk about new blog posts
    o Send out emails about new posts to mailings lists
    o Encourage

    clients to visit/ participate in the blog

Additionally, we created a blog posting protocol. The team decided that we would post a new article every two weeks. Whoever had time would write a post, send it to the team for review, get feedback from at least one member of the team, make any changes, and then post the article. After posting an article, the author would be responsible for marketing the blog via email and Twitter. We also recognized the risk of running out of ideas to blog about, so we decided that each team member should attend at least 3 virtual seminars during the year. If a zithromax uk situation arose in which we needed to post an article, but we lacked inspiration, we could ‘hopefully’ blog about one of the seminars.

So how did it all turn out? Check back next week to read Part 2 – What We Learned. We’ll tell you about the course corrections we made as we went along and what we learned overall.

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4 Responses to “Blogging for Thought Leadership – Part 1: Why & How”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Not long now I hope!

  3. Sheetal Dube says:


    Thanks for your patience. We have posted Part 2 of the article – Blogging for Thought Leadership. We look forward to your feedback.


  4. Jonathan says: